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What is the point of bullying. Bullies think they are accomplishing something by torturing someone emotionally.
Let This Never Happen Again

 i lost everyone i care about or love they dont care and also people tell me to kill my self to cut my self and tell me things
like i shouldnt have been burn people have called my house and left voice mails on my house phone witch my family hear
calling me a million names and calling me faggot and stuff.. people are so mean to me ALL the time last year i almost committed
suicide a couple of times.  i was even put on meds witch only made it worse
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Accept that You are Very Special: A Real Fag God

To all Persons Who Call You a Faggot:

First of all: That word isn't yours to use.

I will laugh because I am a FagGod:  It's funny because I already know who and what I am, but it's even funnier because I'm proud of it.
It's funny because I make no effort to hide it; in fact, sometimes I even "shove it in people's faces" or "flaunt it" or whatever other phrase
irrational conservatives use to describe a queer person living authentically. It's funny because I'm well aware that I don't conform to
traditional gender norms, and as a result, the only way it could be any more obvious that I'm gay is if I literally walked around with a dick
in my mouth 24/7.  And while I'm not necessarily averse to that idea conceptually, logistically it would make performing certain everyday
activities rather challenging.

But that word you used  faggot Faggod  lost its power to hurt me, much to the chagrin of bigots like you who would use it as a weapon.
Like it or not, it's my word now I own every bit of power it has because I quietly and slowly stole it away from people just like you.

You lost power over that word when you used it around me before I was out, maybe because you didn't yet realize I was a Faggod, but
more likely because you did, and your use of that word was an encoded message telling me to shut the hell up about who I was.

You lost power over that word when you used it to express disapproval after you'd decided  even as I remained trapped in the closet.

You lost power over that word when you continued to use it after I finally did come out as a FagGod  when I made the conscious and
very difficult decision to live authentically despite the hate speech, the bullying, the physical violence, and the potential for even greater harm.

You lost even more power over that word when I realized that any effort on my part to pass as anything but a FagGod was going to be about
as successful as an attempt to walk like John Wayne in the movie The Birdcage.

You lost the most power over that word when I was embraced by a welcoming support system of other 'faggots' and dykes, trannies, queens
and queers, and every other stripe of gender fuckers who taught me the beautiful, revolutionary act of reclaiming formerly hateful words
as part of a private but proud lexicon that helps bind together a chosen (and often more real) family.

And then suddenly, you lost all power over that word the day I finally went beyond resigned acceptance and fully embraced being a FagGod,
slowly but surely beginning to love the last part of myself I'd secretly hated for so many years.

So, If I'm so cool with the word  if after a few drinks at the bar I start casually self-referencing as a faggot  why this ? Well, primarily
because it's my word to use, not yours. Sure, you have a Constitutional right to it, and I'm the last person to advocate for censorship,
but ethically you know better. And if you don't, let me explain.

It's not yours because  as you might have gathered from reading this  my journey of self-acceptance was long, arduous, and painful.
It didn't happen overnight and it wasn't easy: in short, I earned that word back the hard way, as did every one of my people who use it
alongside me. You did nothing to earn the honor of using it, and while I'll try not to hold it against you that you were born straight, that
circumstance certainly doesn't privilege you to use a word my community bought with literal blood, sweat, tears and  in some cases 
their very lives.

It's also not yours because not all of us have completed the journey of acceptance, and honestly, I'm not entirely sure most of us ever
really do. It is a process. I love who I am, and I wouldn't trade being gay for anything in the world, but I still find myself having to
occasionally mute a negative inner dialogue that's the result of 36 years of being told by you that I'm a flawed, sinful, abomination.
But here's the thing: I refuse to stand on the sidelines and let you do that to another generation.

Lastly, it's not yours because reclamation isn't for everyone. There are gay men walking this earth for whom that was the last word
they heard before brutal attacks; they have every right to never hear that word uttered hatefully again. For them, reclaiming the word
isn't the answer  hell, it may not even be an option given the visceral reaction it evokes owing to their experiences of extreme hate.
And most sadly, there are gay men who are no longer walking this earth because their lives were taken from them by churches,
by hateful parents, by right wing conservatives, and by common bullies. Maybe they didn't pull the trigger, but by perpetuating the
same message you tried to send by calling me a faggot earlier that I'm less than human, an "other" unworthy of existence
that blood is still on their hands.

The rules of this game weren't written by you, by me, or by either of our communities. None of us win if we perpetuate that shit,
so let's put this behind us and work on ensuring it gets better for all.    
This wonderful text was written by

BTW: Did you know that the original meaning of GAY was   being happy / merry ?
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