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How To Play Football Locker Room Spy
Find Yourself in a Secret Locker. When you go into that locker, you get every jacks scenes. Like, Undressing, Dressing, and Taking a Shower.
When i'm on the Exit (Spawn-Point) when I go left and kept pressing the up arrow, I'd eventually get to the secret locker. It doesn't work every time.
Make sure that you unrar the game into its own dedicated folder, and not just trying to run the game from within the rar file. That'll be the starting point.
Create a dedicated folder for the game somewhere on your PC and extract the whole game's archive to that location. If you can't run the FFLS_CORE.swf, try dragging and dropping it onto your web browser instead of double-clicking it.
Do I need to install the game?? NO, just open FFLS_CORE.swf
If your PC is blocking flash from saving or clearing temporary data this will cause problems. Does this only occur when you restart your PC? If you play the game multiple times without restart is your game saved then? If that is the case, you probably have something that clears cookies etc on start up and that will cause your flash save games to disappear.
No AUDIO: That seems like it might be the audio folder not being unrar'ed into the correct location, since the audio is loaded into the game at run-time. Check to make sure that the audio FOLDER is in the same location as the SWF file. Do not run it from a temporary directory, as this can cause that problem.

Now start with the DOWNLOAD

Then You will Need to Get Your PASSWORD to unrar the Game. TODAY is the last day to get a password for FREE. From tomorrow on you will need to make a small donation to get one.

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