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Jungle Juice Poppers are known by many to be one of the best poppers on the market, not only because of their potency but because of their staying power.  By that we mean duration, more bang for your buck, more time for your ride, you get the point.  Anyway, a prime reason for this is that Jungle Juice poppers contain Amyl nitrite and not isobutyl nitrite that you find in most of the others.  With Amyl poppers, the experience is completely different and, to many, better.

The tricky thing about Jungle Juice poppers is that, because the “real” Jungle Juice poppers are made with Amyl nitrite, which is now illegal for use in the U.S., you are going to find many fakes on the market.

There are also several different varieties of Jungle Juice poppers to confuse you even further if you’re new to poppers – or challenge you if you want to look at in a positive light.   There is Jungle Juice Plus, Jungle Juice Platinum, Jungle Juice Ultra Strong, Jungle Juice Blue, and Jungle Juice Black Label.    Well, I can tell you that they all rock and have staying power as good as any other poppers on the market.  There are just subtle differences in the various aromas and you’ll really just have to pick out your favorite of the bunch.

Ok, so where to pick this crazy good stuff up?   Well, this is a great shop and they’ll ship it to you fast.  These guys have been selling poppers online – worldwide – for years.  Grab a bunch of those authentic Jungle Juice poppers and let the testing begin. 

Hardware Poppers are a favorite of many and for good reason.  They’re potent as hell!  Seriously, if you don’t like the super strong poppers, stay away from this one.  Made by PWD, who makes Rush Poppers and several others such as Ram, Bolt, and Quicksilver, Hardware Poppers have a super kick to them that will knock you if you’re not ready for it.

Many guys have become somewhat “seasoned” poppers aficionados and are always looking for the ones with the biggest kick.  Well, this is a contender for sure.    Hardware Poppers contain the trademarked Power-Pak Pellet™ from PWD that keep their products fresh.  It looks like a little white tablet or pill that will disintegrate over time as it’s doing it’s job of keeping your poppers fresh.   It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway – DON’T swallow this pill!  Don’t even touch it.  And no, that wasn’t “code” for “swallow the pill”.  Don’t eat it – you’ll die.  Really.

Hardware Poppers come on with a pretty fast a powerful effect and can last a nice 5 minutes or more, which is a good amount of time for a really strong popper.   There are even media testimonials on this one:   The only brand ever proclaimed “Purest, Best” by the Gay Press. San Francisco’s notorious Drummer Magazine called Hardware a “powerful product.” Bunkhouse Magazine proclaimed “there is nothing better,” and San Diego Update, Florida Alive! and This Week In Texas all said “Hardware is the world’s most powerful formula.”   Hard to argue with all of that.

When anyone hears the word “poppers“, most people think of Rush Poppers in the signature yellow and red bottle because it’s the most famous, and one of the best on the market.

Now, are Rush Poppers just popular because everyone says they are?  That’s always a possibility, for a time anyway.  They have been around a really long time though.   The stuff works like a charm, no doubt about that.  Pop the top on a bottle of Rush and take a hefty whiff and you’re seriously on cloud 10 – just not for long.  That’s the problem with most poppers – staying power.  Rush isn’t really at the top of the game as far as that element goes but it is still one of the best ones on the market and a running favorite with many people.

PWD has gone to a big extance to make their bottles and their labeling unique, which has just come back to bite them.   Not too long ago, DC Comics informed PWD that they could no longer use the “Captain Rush” character due to copyright infringement.  So, if you come across a bottle with the Captain on it, it is either old or fake.

Also, Rush Poppers are not Amyl Nitrate as many are prone to believe.  In the height of the poppers controversy, a bunch of laws were passed that made amyl nitrate a prescription-only drug. Regardless, most poppers, including Rush contain isobutyl nitrite and other amyl nitrite varieties that are totally legal.  the poppers super price shop in association with AliExpress

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